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Warm Sculpting with SculpSure, a Non-Surgical Body Contouring Treatment

What a crazy year 2020 has been for us all! We feel pretty confident we’re not alone in bidding it a swift farewell and looking forward to a better 2021. As we start the new year still under this pandemic many of us are still staying at home instead of traveling and attending fewer parties and events. This should mean less temptation to overeat or drink too much over the holidays, but not necessarily. Many of the holiday habits that result in weight gain from Thanksgiving to New Years’ can still be present without a busy social agenda. It is also easy to forget the work it takes to lose those extra holiday pounds, especially when you are enjoying that extra bite of cake!

If you have some extra fat on your body that you are finding difficult to lose, you can have it removed safely and easily. Dr. Anne White can help you using a laser device called SculpSure. Many people in the Winston-Salem, NC area have already received the benefits from this non-surgical approach and are enjoying their new beautifully contoured bodies.

Warm Sculpting with SculpSure is a laser treatment that is applied to your fat areas with a hand-held device. The light from the laser harmlessly penetrates your skin and goes into the fat layer beneath. In the fat layer, the laser will begin to warm up the area. Once it reaches a certain temperature, the fat cells will begin to overheat and die. This sets in motion a process called lipolysis, in which your body will start to remove the fat from that area.

The laser can be used in many areas where there are pockets of excess fat and is FDA approved. It can be used to treat fat in your midsection, your bra line, thighs, and chin. In addition to these areas, men can have it applied to help them remove fat on their chest.

Using the SculpSure method is not an immediate means to lose fat. Instead, you will see a gradual loss of fat in the treated areas. You will likely begin to see a difference in about six weeks. You should see the maximum benefit in about three months. This is a natural process that takes time.

At Carolina Laser and Cosmetic Center, you can expect each treatment to last about 30 minutes. Once the treatments are completed, you will be able to resume your regular schedule. There is no downtime necessary because it is a non-invasive procedure.

If you’d like to learn more about Warm Sculpting with SculpSure, please give us a call at 336-659-2663, or request your appointment online.

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