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Stratamark Stretch Mark Treatment Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Stratamark is a breakthrough medical product for the management of stretch marks. Enjoying your maternity stretch mark free is the ultimate goal of Stratamark.

How does it work?

“Stratamark is a novel medical product, specifically designed and clinically proven for the management of stretch marks (Striae Distensae). Stratamark dries to form a thin, flexible and protective gel sheet that is gas permeable and waterproof. It does not penetrate below the level of the top layer of the skin (stratum corneum)”.

What type of stretch mark does Stratamark treat?

Stratamark is designed to prevent and treat all types of stretch marks resulting from:

  • Pregnancy
  • Adolescent growth spurts
  • Breast augmentation
  • Weight gain or bodybuilding

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