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Cellulaze Laser Cellulite Treatment in Winston-Salem, NC

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Minimally-Invasive Cellulite Removal in Winston-Salem

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Only practice in the Triad to offer ... CELLULAZE!

The FIRST and ONLY ONE-TIME, FDA-cleared, minimally invasive Laser Cellulite Reduction procedure! Cellulaze is backed by two years of proven clinical research, in which studies have shown a 29% increase in skin elasticity, AND has a 93% patient satisfaction rating! Watch videos featuring renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Bruce Katz, with whom Dr. White trained, and hear the amazing benefits of CELLULAZE for yourself.

Cellulite isn't a fat problem; it's a structural problem below the skin, and that's not your fault. So why do so many cellulite treatments focus on treating fat from above the skin?

Only Cellulaze attacks the brittle structural bonds beneath the skin that are the real cause of cellulite's dimpled appearance. And Cellulaze increases your skin's natural depth for a smoother, healthier look that lasts. All from just one simple treatment.

Cellulaze Your Cellulite. Because you can't look like new in the same old skin.

Cellulaze laser cellulite removal Winston Salem NC Before and After Photo

Cellulaze Benefits

  • Only treatment that attacks the very structure of cellulite
  • One simple treatment
  • Proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite
  • Treatment that lasts
  • Produces healthier looking skin
  • Lose the cover-ups for good
  • 93% patient satisfaction1

You've tried diet and exercise. No matter how many pounds you lose or how often you frequent the gym, cellulite may still be a problem. It's not your fault, since diet and exercise can't address the fibrous bands that pull down on the skin and cause that dimpled appearance of cellulite.

You've tried creams and massage. No matter how many lotions or creams you try, you can't seem to get rid of it. That's because creams only work superficially, on the surface of the skin. To make matters worse, you have to apply them constantly or your cellulite returns.

You've tried hiding it. Covering up has been the only way to conquer cellulite. Until now: Cellulaze can treat what was once considered untreatable.

Cellulaze Laser Cellulite Removal Treatment Winston Salem NC

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Laser Cellulite Reduction - Cellulaze

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