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Ultherapy Non-invasive Lift

Aug 2nd, 2016 In: Anti-Aging, Fat Removal, General


As seen in Winston-Salem Monthly, August 2016

Dear Dr. Anne,

Every morning I wake up, look in the mirror, and pull back the skin on my face wishing it was tighter. I really don't want to have surgery but would love results similiar to a facelift. I've tried creams, had facials and stayed out of the sun but the my skin is still sagging! What would give me the tightening I want without going through an actual surgery?

- Joanne, Greensboro

Dear Joanne,

You are not alone! I hear from so many women who, like you, look at the mirror everyday wishing they could turn back the hands of time. Unfortunately, wishing is not enough! For many, a facelift is not an option due to the cost and the recovery time.
There is a wonderful alternative that is non-invasive, safe and clinically proven to help smooth, tighten and contour skin for an overall younger looking appearance.


Ultherapy® is the ONLY technology with FDA approval for non-invasive tissue lift for the face, neck and submental area! It uses micro-focused ultrasound to precisely heat tissue at multiple depths without affecting the surface of the skin. The result is a 3-dimensional lift that begins at the skin's foundation.

For the first time ever, we can achieve significant lifting by focusing ultrasound energy specifically into the deep foundation below the skin that is addressed in surgery, as well as into the skin itself. With ultrasound, we can actually lift and tighten the skin without cutting or disrupting the surface of the skin. In other words, we are improving the skin quality from the inside out.

Surgical facelifts will always be a viable option, but there are many people who aren't ready for that and are looking for nonsurgical options that produce a meaningful effect. The beauty of Ultherapy® is that it is a 30 to 60 minute
procedure that uses the body's own subtle healing response while lifting, tightening and toning loose skin to counter act the effects of time and gravity.

So let’s get started! Call Carolina Laser & Cosmetic Center today!

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