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Picosure Laser Tattoo Removal featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine

Nov 4th, 2013 In: Tattoo Removal

Check out Cosmopolitan magazine's article about laser tattoo removal!

The Quickest Way to Remove a Tattoo

...Turns out there is some exciting news in the world of tattoo removal, which is that there's a new laser in town that's better, faster, and stronger that its predecessors. It's called the PicoSure by Cynosure.

This new "it" laser is much better at breaking up the ink, meaning there is better clearance with fewer treatments, adds Friedman. "It has a shorter pulse duration of light (a trillionth of a second) compared to original lasers that utilized pulses in one billionth of a second. The edge that the PicoSure has on previous lasers is because its pulses are 100 times shorter, it shatters the ink particles better, making it easier for the body to eliminate the artwork," he explains. 

So, how long will it take for you to see results? "A study that just came out reported greater than 75 percent improvement in just four treatments with black ink, and 75 percent improvement or more in one to three treatments with blue or green ink. However, early studies are showing that red inks aren't responding as favorably as the other inks. That said, we're seeing that it's removing all of the most popular colors in half of the number of treatments, so that's promising," says Friedman.

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