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Picosure Laser Now FDA Approved for Acne Scar Treatment

Are you one of the more than 20 million Americans living with scars from acne?

Great breaking news! Cynosure has gained FDA Approval for the PicoSure System for Acne Treatment. And we are one of only a few laser centers in North Carolina to offer this groundbreaking technology!

Now the same laser that has shown to be super-effective for Laser Tattoo Removal has also been proven to be effective at removing acne scars. Get rid of Acne Scarring in just a few short weeks!

PicoSure laser focuses on your problem areas whether it’s brown spots, sun damage, freckles, pigmented lesions or acne scars. PicoSure offers a gentler treatment. In the past, lasers have relied on intense heat energy to remove pigment from the skin, which may be painful and lead to significant skin redness and downtime.

Treatment sessions take about 15 to 20 minutes, and most patients see results after about 3 sessions. The skin can feel red and tender for a day after treatment, but our patients have experienced great results with less preparatory time and down time compared to other options.

The PicoSure system uses short bursts of laser energy to photomechanically breakdown scars into smaller particles that are eliminated by the body, without adverse impact to the skin. Unlike competitive technologies that use nanosecond lasers, the picosecond laser emitted by PicoSure does not rely on delivering thermal energy to the tissue to heal scars.

In clinical studies, it was reported that 77% of patients who were treated with PicoSure had more than 50% improvement in scar treatment as rated by physicians. PicoSure also had a patient satisfaction rating of 76% at the one month follow up and an 86% satisfaction rating at the three month follow up.

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