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Meet Scout and Ollie, Spirited Buena Vista Boys

Oct 16th, 2013 In: General

Dr. White's pets, Scott and Ollie, were featured in the Precious Pets column in the August 2013 edition of Buena Vista Life.

Photos by CQ Photography.

Things don't always go as planned when it comes to pets. In the case of Buena Vista's "Scout" and "Ollie," that's certainly the case. When Dr. Anne L. White's son, Ben, left for college, Scout went along as his roommate; and when they returned back to school after break, Scout decided to stay behind with Mom. She let him have his way. As Dr. White puts it, "They aren't spoiled. They just have me very well trained."

These spirited Beagle boys are not really pets at all, they're family. What's special about them? "Just look at them! They're precious!" beamed a proud Dr. White. "They're special to my family, of course, and beyond that, descend from the siblings of "Uno" (registered name "K-Run's Park Me in First", who unfortunately was sterile), the first Beagle to ever win Best in Show at the famed Westminster dog show, 2008. So yes, they're special in a number of ways", says Dr. White.

They boys come from Lucky Four Farms in Advance, NC, owned by John Woodring, co-owner of Uno. "Lanbar Scout Davis", aka Scout (or "Handsome" as referred to by Ruff Housing's staff), and "Lanbur Oliver Davis", aka Ollie or "Precious", were born one year and two days apart. Scout was born April 16, 2011, and Ollie, April 18, 2012.

Scout and Ollie are just as happy in their home in Buena Vista as "Mom" is having them there.

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