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Vivier SreumI am sure that like us, many of you are all stuck at home at the moment. So we figured we would pick back up on our blogs so you might have a little something to read!


Today we would love to tell you about a couple of our newest products, Grenzcine Serum & Ultimage by Vivier! Obviously it may be a bit hard to get out and about right now but after learning about these two wonders of the skin care world just remember that we are providing free delivery until Forsyth County's Shelter Order is relieved.


Doctor Anne White wanted to be sure everyone in Winston-Salem could still get their skincare essentials.

Now about these two..... 


Ultimage by Vivier is a cream created by combining Neuropeptides and Hyaluronic Acid along with water binding atoms and gycol to leave your skin feeling fresh and hydrated. These peptides are known to reduce the depth of faces lines while the Hyaluronic Acid seals in the moisture for a smooth, younger looking face. Ultimage has been shown to provide incredible improvements to smile/frown lines and unwanted wrinkles. Vivier claims that you can look years younger in little more than a month! 



Now Grenzcine Serum is a little different. Yes it aids in reducing wrinkles/lines on your face but it also strengthens your skin leaving it firmer. See, skin loses elasiticity over time as many of us know all too well and this serum works to counteract that process that happens as we age. Polyamine-DAB is a polyamine that appears in our bodies naturally and as its production starts declining you can use things such as the Grenzcine Serum to replenish your youthfull appearance! This serum also contains tons of other great ingredients that reduce the long term, harmful effects of free radical damage such as sunburn or incorrectly administrated chemical peels.


I am sure you will agree with our lead practictioner after trying these two. Here is what she had to say, "The results so far from these two products have been quite impressive. They may be the best combo to take on fine line and wrinkles on the face that I have seen, especially around the undereye area." Doctor Anne White of Winston-Salem, Carolina Laser & Cosmetic center.

So if you are interested these two products are available on our webstore and if you buy both you will receive a 20% discount on your purchase 

USE CODE AntiAge20 to recieve 20% off

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