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Sagging Skin and Turkey Neck?

Sep 2nd, 2013 In: Anti-Aging

Tina, Lexington, NC: We just got back some of our vacation pictures and I hardly recognize myself! My eyelids and jawline are so droopy, I feel like a Bassett Hound! Thanksgiving and Christmas are not far away, and I need to get ready for family pictures, and fast. An out of town procedure is out of the question. What can you do to tighten up my jowls, jawline, and sagging neck, so I don't look like I had any work done?

Dr. White: Dear Tina, you’re not alone. This time of year, many patients are looking in the mirror and are unhappy with their faces ... and necks! Here at Carolina Laser and Cosmetic Center, we have a number of options to help you look your best for the holidays, and ALL year long.

Previously, for those who could afford the expense, recuperation period, and didn't mind the pain associated with it, a surgical facelift had often been the only option. Unfortunately, it sometimes left them with an unnatural look. Now, as seen on The View, The Doctors, and The Today Show, among many others, innovation and technology have combined to bring you Ultherapy, a revolutionary natural, no-downtime face and neck tightening treatment utilizing ultrasound technology. With ultrasound, we can actually lift, tighten and tone the skin without cutting or disrupting the surface of the skin.

When gravity takes its toll, our brows also descend, and the eyes start to appear smaller. Ultherapy lifts the brow, reducing the excess skin on the lids, opening up the eyes and giving a more refreshed appearance. The really exciting news is that the procedure takes only 30-60 minutes, with no special recuperation, and just one treatment is needed to get a meaningful result! You’ll enjoy some initial tightening, with the ultimate lifting in 2-3 months. Some patients have reported continued improvement up to 6 months post procedure.

Ultherapy Ultrasound Necklift Neck Lift Skin Tightening Contouring Winston-Salem NC

So CALL US TODAY for your consultation on the no downtime, no scarring treatment for natural looking results – and now more affordable. Start liking what you see in your pictures, with Ultherapy! Don’t despair! We have a number of quick and easy options to explore for freshening your look for reunion time.

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