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How to Shine at Reunion Time this Summer

Jun 2nd, 2014 In: Anti-Aging

Winston-Salem Monthly - June 2014

Dear Dr. Anne,

I just realized my family reunion this summer is only a few weeks away. That means close-by sister-in-laws and lots of cameras ... yikes! My face looks sad and dull, even when I'm smiling. Can you  help? And quickly?!

Tracy D., Lexington

Dear Tracy,

Concern over looking sad when not is something we hear a lot from our patients. As we age, we lose collagen and elastin, and gravity takes its toll. Our faces elongate and rotate inward. We lose the classic inverted triangle of youth, and our faces become wrinkled and rectangular, and heavier in the jowls. But don't despair, at Carolina Laser & Cosmetic Center, we offer a number of procedures and treatments that will turn your frown upside down and leave your skin glowing, all in plenty of time for your reunion.

That frowning appearance you mention is usually the result of what are called marionette lines (think of a Pinocchio puppet's mouth), and the Pre-jowl area along your jawline. Radiesse is a  quick option for smoothing out those lines and wrinkles, and adding youthful volume to flattened or depressed areas, plus it stimulates your own collagen to grow. Radiesse is an injectable  filler that takes effect immediately, is done in-office in about 30 minutes, and can last up to a year. And for a fresh, glowing countenance that won't wash off in the shower or the pool, skip the tan-in-a-can and opt for a MicroLaserPeel treatment - it also helps stimulate collagen growth, and quickly restores a radiant look to tired skin.

So don’t fear those pesky in-laws or cameras - call us today and be the one everyone wants their picture taken with!



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