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Botox Can Help With Your Migranes

Sep 7th, 2018 In: Skin Care

Hollywood professionals has been using Botox for years to turn back time on their foreheads, lips and cheeks. According to the American Migraine Foundation, Botox has also brought relief to many people who suffer chronic medical conditions such a Migraines. Botox is the only FDA-approved for chronic migraines. “The more frequent the headaches, the better the patient does with Botox. I look to the second and third treatments to maximize effects,” says Dr. Andrew Blumenfeld, Director, The Headache Center of Southern California.  “Patients see increasing benefit with an increase in the number of treatment cycles.” One treatment lasts for 10-12 weeks, and patients reported that two Botox treatments reduced the number of headache days by approximately 50%.

Botox is injected around pain fibers that are involved in migraines. It enters the nerve endings around where it is injected and blocks the release of chemicals involved with migraine pain. This prevents activation of pain networks in the brain. The patient can expect their first appoint to take about 20 minutes. A very small needle is used that feels like a pinprick. We inject small amounts of Botox into the shallow muscles of the skin. When the procedure is being performed we blow chilled air to help lesson the pain and make the patient more comfortable. It can take up to 6 month to see the maximum benefits. 

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