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Vaginal Rejuvenation Labiaplasty: A Down-There Lift

We examine our faces regularly to see if we need a facelift but gravity affects our bodies all over - yes, even down there.

You have options down there too, from non-surgical to surgery, to address sagging skin, loss of volume and loss of elasticity.

As we age, skin sags ... everywhere. Just as your face will lose volume and your skin will begin to droop, other parts of your body will succumb to gravity as well. The vaginal area is no different. Even if you've never been pregnant, you may want to consider vaginal rejuvenation if your parts "down there" are starting to show your age. As women age, they lose estrogen, which affects connective tissues and fat all over the body including the vaginal area. In some cases, the clitoral hood may pull back, causing the the clitoris to look larger. As the vagina begins to dry with decreasing estrogen levels, it may even close up. Also, multiple pregnancies and vaginal deliveries may cause the vaginal canal to become enlarged.

Just as with your face, exfoliation and moisturizing the area are key preventive measures but "sexercise" is also important to keep the blood flowing and the vagina lubricated.

But if you are past the prevention stage, you have many options to restore your sense of femininity.

Non-Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation
If the mons pubis, the fat pad which surrounds the vagina, has lost volume, facial fillers such as Sculptra may be injected. Sculptra, which promotes natural collagen growth over time, can help with volume loss. Also, Sculptra may be injected into the labia majora or minora to address sagging skin.

With the advances made in technology, lasers as well as surgery are options to remove excess skin. A labiaplasty addresses the loose and sagging skin on the labia minora and majora by excision. This may also be performed to correct any asymmetry that exists.

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