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Anew Natural Nail System

Anew Natural Nail System
Price: 90.00

Anew's Natural Nail System utilizes an all-natural approach towards the removal of dead cuticle and restoration of elasticity of the healthy cuticle. The system will also prevent and eliminate nail discoloration and bacteria, therefore promoting stronger, healthier nails. Your nails will be left with a beautiful, yet natural, healthy shine. It's a once a month, easy to follow, low maintenance system. Who can benefit from this natural nail system? Diabetics who cannot cut their cuticles for fear of infection. Allergy and asthma sufferers who are prone to chemical reactions. All banned from wearing polish due to their vocation. Men and women who want shiny, healthy nails, but prefer to go natural. Nails suffering from acrylic damage. Dieticians, teachers, Restaurant personnel, Pregnant or nursing women. The Standard Kit includes: Step 1 - Clean pad Step 2 - Condition pad Step 3 - Shine pad 1 Crystal Gold Stone all in a travel tube. also included: 2 Cuticle Oils