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Aug 29th, 2018 In: Tattoo Removal

Tattoos have always fascinated me. When I was growing up only sailors and bikers had tattoos. Then came the nineties when it became fashionable to proudly display a “tramp stamp”, barbed wire, or Chinese character tattoos. Do you remember dolphin ankle designs? Then came the 2000’s and anklet status, and belly button tattoos were seen everywhere!  Zodiac signs and one word tattoos such as “Worthy” appear.

I asked my co worker why one would get a tattoo and she explained to me it is a “new generation memorial” I asked why you can’t buy a necklace with Batman on it instead of getting it etched in your skin permanently? She replied “, you can lose a necklace but I will remember the day my boyfriend and I did this together!”

That’s awesome! I don’t think I will ever chose this form of self-expression but I understand it now!

With all this there is a growing number of tattooed individuals whose artistic expressions don’t hold up the way they want them to, which often results in an increased desire for tattoo removal. The most common reasons given for removal are the tattoos limiting employment opportunities, aging and weight gain/loss has changed the appearance of the tattoo, the artist did a less than superior job, or their tattoo no longer represents them (whether the tattoo is the name or image of an ex, an interest they no longer have, etc.); the possibilities are endless. The only sure thing is that more and more individuals are deciding to say goodbye to their ink!!

How does having a tattoo affect getting a job?

I researched this and found 77 per cent of employers may be less likely to hire someone with tattoos. Many employers find tattoos are perceived negatively by the public. Companies targeting a younger demographic view tattoos as young and hip. Many view it as “corporate branding”.

When you go to your next job interview will you show your tattoo?

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