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Belotero Balance Wrinkle Treatment

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Belotero Balance® is a transparent hyaluronic-based cohesive gel dermal filler used for the correction of moderate-to-severe facial wrinkles and folds and for lip augmentation.

Belotero Balance® filler is designed to deliver natural-looking results with little recovery time. "We are thrilled to have another highly effective hyaluronic acid injectable available to treat wrinkles and folds" said Dr. White.

Belotero Balance Facial Treatment North Carolina
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"Belotero has an an advantage over other hyaluronic fillers because it does not produce the Tyndall effect, a bluish show under the skin that sometimes occurs with Restylane and Juvederm."

"By offering this cutting edge product to our clients Carolina Laser and Cosmetic Center is once again at the forefront of the latest advancements in skin treatment. The availability of Belotero Balance® offers even more safety assurance to patients opting for this type of an injectable treatment and ultimately creates some friendly price competition among its competitors."


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Who Performs the Belotero Balance® Injections?

Dermal fillers and injections are an art and require great finesse to achieve the best results and a natural look. At Carolina Laser and Cosmetic Center, only Dr. Anne White injects dermal fillers, NOT A PA OR A NURSE.

Our patients appreciate that they have a top-trained and experienced Cosmetic Surgeon injecting them in order to produce the best results possible. Using her keen eye for detail and her passion for artistry, Dr. White expertly injects her patients, producing top results every time. She is known as a leader in injection techniques. Companies such as Allergan and Galderma, which manufacture and distribute injectable fillers to cosmetic clinics in the United States, regularly request that Dr. White provide progress and development training for other medical professionals.

Belotero Balance Winston Salem NC

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